C++_SDK Quick Start

C++_SDK Quick Start

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Routine Introduction

This routine introduces how to use the Microsoft Visual Studio platform to connect the WitMotion HWT9053-485 sensor through the serial port, and then directly print data, receive sensor data and communicate with the sensor through Microsoft Visual Studio debugging;

Before viewing this routine, please read the relevant sensor manual to understand the protocol used by the sensor and the basic functions of the sensor

How to wire

Pleases prepare WitMotion HWT9053-485 sensor and 3 in 1 adapter first. Below is the wiring:

Debugging Steps

  • First use Microsoft Visual Studio to open the project WitSimulate.sln file

  • After opening the software, click Local Window Debugger

  • Pop up

  • Search the serial number

Right-click the window in the lower left corner, click Device Manager

Click on the port to find the serial port number

  • Go back to the running interface and enter the serial port number. After entering the serial port number, click Enter, and the data will be received.,

  • Shake the sensor data and it will be displayed in real time


Please reference to the sensor's datasheet.

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